Jan 31, 2024

​Be Your Own Valentine. Love yourself every day with Intimissimi

Love yourself: a key love message, a homage to all women. Intimissimi presents the new Valentine Day’s campaign with a positive message about taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful every day. Moments for yourself where you can wear Intimissimi garments and focus on your everyday comfort.

The new line includes matching sets embellished with fine lace and unique embroidery, romantic or sensual details. Every garment creates a real work of art on the skin of the wearer, a gesture of daily beauty. The different lines are the stars of the campaign: from poetic “Queen Of Hearts”, with a heart pattern and ethereal tulle in timeless hues of black; to passionate “Intricate Surfaces”, characterized by a sexy allure with sheer lace, intriguing interplays of criss-cross and little metal details.

Dazzling and precious, the “Most Romantic Season” is, as the name suggests, the most romantic option from the Intimissimi Valentine Day’s collection, presented in classic nuances of Talc and featuring lace enhanced by sparkling details. The color palette, instead, is brightened up by “Sweet Like Sugar”, a sophisticated lingerie line characterized by tulle decorated with a delicate tone-on-tone floral embroidery in fresh and vibrant tones of Shocking Pink.

A rich and stylish collection that you can wear every day to feel beautiful, strong and confident; the new Intimissimi lingerie is the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself to celebrate love in all its nuances on Valentine’s Day, but especially to love yourself.

#intimissimicares project: traceability
“Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of sustainability.”

Since its foundation, Intimissimi has made a name for itself not only for the quality and beauty of its garments, but also for its extensive control over the production chain. 94% of the items sold in Intimissimi stores are actually produced by factories owned by the company in Italy and abroad. This decision allows production management to be coordinated with the other phases of the supply chain, ensuring total dedication to brand needs and the elimination of intermediaries. In this way, it is possible to maintain high quality at an affordable price. This business model involves significant investments and the opportunity to offer jobs to a large number of employees, for the benefit of the communities in the towns in which the companies are located. In this way, it is possible to guarantee an excellent working environment inside the factories and respect for the human rights of the people who work there.

This transparent approach is reflected to an even greater extent in the intimissimi.com online shop, thanks to the presence of a section titled “traceability” on the product sheet of each garment, featuring the details of the company sites at which it was manufactured. In this way, customers can obtain extensive information about the factory, the production phases, the commitment to issues regarding sustainability and the stories of the people who participated in the production of the items. The union between the brand’s sustainability journey and the supply chain control characteristics have made it possible to take a step forward when it comes to transparency towards customers relating to Intimissimi activities.

Specifically, corsetry items are produced in the Vavuniya (Sri Lanka), Alpha (Sri Lanka), Benji (Sri Lanka), Sirio (Sri Lanka), Fiorano (Serbia), Gordon (Serbia) and Zalli (Bulgaria) factories. The garments then arrive at the logistics hub in Vallese (Italy) and go on to be shipped to stores all over the world.